The Cranberry Dress

cranberry,dress,happy hour

cranberry,dress,office wear

Cranberry is one of my go-to colors. It is so versatile and pairs well with a variety of colors and prints. This cocoon dress is comfortable and can be styled multiple ways. In today’s post, I am going to show how you can take a daytime or work outfit and change it into a happy hour look with very simple changes. In Dallas, happy hours are very popular on Fridays. And, not every office has a casual dress policy. Sure you could pack an extra outfit to change into, but that is not always an option, particularly if rush hour traffic is a concern. My motto is to keep it simple; there is no need to over complicate any process.

For the office, I have chosen to style the dress with a cream wool blazer, pearls, nude pumps, and a floral purse. This is a pretty conservative look for the most part; the floral purse adds just a little pop without compromising the professional look. It can also be left at your desk if you have a meeting or presentation. The dress itself is casual, but the blazer dresses it up. Pearls are classic and timeless and are one of my most beloved accessories. You can never go wrong with nude pumps, they literally go with everything.

For the happy hour, I removed the blazer, added a statement necklace, black clutch, and black and gold t-strap heels. I chose black accessories to transform the dress into a night time look. This outfit is also really comfortable, which is key because who wants to be uncomfortable after working all day.

cranberry,dress,happy hour

I hope you have enjoyed viewing and reading about my reasoning behind these two looks. I think it is important to give my thought process and offer tips that you can apply to your own looks.

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