Mixed Prints, Oh My!




I just cannot express my obsession and love of mixed prints enough y’all! I feel like whoever thought of it first needs to be installed into the fashion hall of fame. I’m joking, but serious at the same time! LOL One of the reasons I love mixing prints is that it is my own personal way of living on the wild side. I’m naturally a pretty reserved person; so fashion is a great outlet to express some of my personality traits that are not always seen.

This can be an overwhelming concept to some because it is outside the norm and against what some of us have been taught as it relates to fashion. Things need to match they say. Well, I say different prints and patterns can match. The key for me has been to pair a large print with a smaller one. For example, a large floral print with small polka dots is complimentary. Another very common combination is leopard print and stripes. If you’re afraid of stepping out of the box, I suggest trying these two. These are prints that nearly everyone has in their closet already. For first timers, I suggest going with a narrow horizontal stripe. And, if you are really apprehensive try wearing prints that don’t touch. For example a clutch and shoe, top and shoe, scarf and bag, etc.

Don’t worry about having a fashion fail either. It happens to everyone. You won’t know if you don’t try. Sometimes I style an outfit, and it grows on me throughout the day;  other times I wonder what was I thinking. It is all trial and error. The more you do something the more comfortable you will become. I like to think of myself as the mixed print advocate. I try to get all of my friends on the bandwagon. Today’s look is a simple black dress with a floral print kimono. It is accessorized with a black hat, sunnies, polka dot clutch, and leopard heels. Since I am wearing three different prints I have spaced them out to not be overwhelming.



  1. I’m loving everything about this look. Simply Elegant AND Beautiful

  2. Awesome article…challenges me to live a bit more “out of box colorful”

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